International Trophy Shipping

International Trophy Shipping

With our international trophy shipment service, we ensure your awards reach any corner of the world safely and efficiently, overcoming customs barriers and guaranteeing timely delivery.


At Sustain Awards, we understand the importance of each award and specialize in offering a high-quality service to ensure your trophies reach their destination without complications.

We offer:

  • Customs clearance of trophies: We assist you in managing the customs clearance of trophies, acting as consultants and handling the entire process to avoid any setbacks.

  • Individual trophy shipping worldwide: We take care of every detail of the individual shipping of trophies to any part of the world, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition and on time.

  • Shipping trophies for virtual events: We organize and manage the shipping of trophies for virtual events, ensuring that each winner receives their award directly at their doorstep.

Our commitment is to provide a close and professional service, tailored to corporate needs.

Contact us today and discover how your award deliveries will know no borders. We are here to make every delivery an international success!

Ask us for a budget through our contact form, call us by phone at (+34) 652 971 155, contact us directly by Whatsapp or write us at

If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us or call us by phone.