Institutional trophies

  At Sustain Awards we are aware that an institution, whether public or private, is an organisation committed to certain values, whether in the cultural, scientific, sporting or social sphere. To reinforce and transmit these values, institutional trophies are the perfect vehicle. By rewarding a specific task or project, they seek to give visibility and recognition to those people or companies whose work and efforts are aligned with the ideas of each institution.

  That is why we offer you our range of institutional trophies specially designed to be the ideal object on which to reflect the values that are to be rewarded. Manufactured under the standards of eco-design and sustainable development, they show commitment to the environment while projecting the ideas and fundamentals of each event.

Representing and rewarding values: institutional trophies.

  When designing an award, the most important thing is to know what concept or idea is to be conveyed.

  The award must be an object with sober lines in which the message and the brand identity can be harmoniously accommodated, being the ideal element to transmit values such as effort, perseverance or dedication.

  Similarly, it should be borne in mind that as an object of reduced elements, everything counts to give shape to that message. Therefore, framed within our trophies made from recycled materials and processes with low environmental impact, it will take on a special value by reflecting the commitment to the delicate situation that the planet is going through.

  With a large customisable surface where you can engrave the name of the award winner, the logo of your institution or the slogan of the event, they are ideal for any institutional act where formal sobriety must be especially careful.

  For this reason, our elegant institutional trophies with minimalist lines are the ideal support on which to express the values you wish to recognise.


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