Track and Field Trophies

Track and Field Trophies


Elegant track and field trophies for an environmentally friendly competition.

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At Sustain Awards, we create the most exceptional track and field trophies on the market. Our team of expert designers combines simplicity and elegance using the finest recycled materials, minimizing the environmental impact.

Our trophies stand out for their avant-garde design and complete customization, perfectly tailored to your competition. If you're looking for something bespoke, our team will guide you in creating your unique trophy, selecting the most suitable materials for your needs.

Reward the efforts of your participants with our athletics trophies, symbolizing dedication and success. In our extensive catalog, you'll find the ideal choice from our cups, medals, or personalized trophies.

Every trophy we produce is a statement of our commitment to the environment. Explore our trophies to discover the reduced ecological footprint and environmentally friendly materials we use.

Make your event a memorable moment with our track and field trophies, where design and environmental consciousness come together.

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If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us or call us by phone.