WFS x Nagami, 2023
WFS x Nagami, 2023
WFS x Nagami, 2023

WFS x Nagami, 2023

Nagami redefines sports trophies at the WFS World Football Summit 2023 with sustainable 3D-printed awards made from recycled plastics.


Nagami's trophies at the WFS World Football Summit 2023 symbolize a new era in football, where equality, diversity, and sustainability take on special significance. These awards, created using 3D printing techniques on recycled plastics, reflect the core values of the event: innovation, inclusion, and social responsibility.

WFS 2023 stood out for its commitment to female leadership, represented by 30% female speakers at its events, and initiatives such as creating a more inclusive environment, demonstrated in the world's most inclusive football match, organized with Real Betis and Integrated Dreams.

These trophies not only honor performance on the field but also celebrate projects that generate lasting social impact, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Designed by Nagami.


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Recycled post-consumer plastic

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