trofeo original tabla snowboard
'Taules & Taulons' Awards
'Taules & Taulons' Awards
trofeo original tabla snowboard
'Taules & Taulons' Awards
'Taules & Taulons' Awards

Taules i Taulons, 2018

The 'Taules & Taulons' Awards are a recognition to the participants of a curious adventure: the creation of a collection of recycled snowboards by different artists and designers for more than 15 years.


The Taules and taulons trophy is an award that rewards sustainable development in the design and manufacture of snowboards. Therefore, it was a project that fit perfectly into the eco-design philosophy that we promote from Sustain Awards.

Initially conceptualized by Carlos Rolando, it has been formalized as a snowboard made from recycled material. In this case, plastic from bottle caps collected through solidarity campaigns.

The support, made of plaster reinforced with natural esparto grass fibers, avoids the use of fiberglass and emphasizes the natural connection between the sport and the mountain. Materials: Plaster, esparto fibers and recycled plastic from post-consumer bottle caps.


Designed by Carlos Rolando.

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Recycled post-consumer plastic + Beech wood
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Personalized trophy Taules i Taulons snowboard award

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