Texts for Award Plaques

It's not easy to find the right words to engrave on Award Plaques to express recognition, tribute, and commemoration for individuals.

Thinking of phrases for Award Plaques is often a challenging task because it depends on the recipient which tone to use. The messages can be as varied as the numerous individuals to whom Award Plaques can be dedicated.

However, we offer some solutions based on the activity that the person has pursued or is pursuing in their life or at a specific moment.

As you can see, these texts for Award Plaques are fully adaptable to each situation. It's important to always consider the following parameters: The manner in which the honoree should be addressed, whether formal or informal, whether it's for a family member or someone with whom we have little relationship.

  • You can engrave text, a meaningful image, or both.
  • The reason for the recognition.
  • The date and location of the event.
  • Who is presenting it or performing the recognition.

Texts for Award Plaques

Here are some examples of texts that can help you answer the question of what to put on an Award Plaque.

Phrases for recognition of professional careers

  • For [Name of the professional receiving the recognition] for their long career in [Field of activity] at [Name of the company where they work].
  • Recognition for [Name of the professional receiving the recognition] for their contributions to [Field of activity] at [Name of the company where they have worked in this capacity].

Phrases for recognition of sports careers

  • [Name of the athlete receiving the recognition] for their long career in [Sport practiced] alongside [Name of the club or sports federation].

Phrases for recognition of a specific sports championship or event

  • [Name of the athlete receiving the recognition] + [Result of the race] in [City and date of the event].

These are some basic examples of texts for Award Plaques. But as important as the text is the medium itself. A good recognition deserves a beautiful and exclusive Award Plaque. A minimalist design will make the chosen words stand out even more. If the medium is also environmentally friendly, you have everything you need to make the honoree feel even more special.

We invite you to browse our catalog of Eco-Friendly Award Plaques, and if you'd like us to create Award Plaques for you and develop the graphic solution for the trophy, as well as the text to be engraved on the plaque, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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